We think across categories and industries sourcing brand patterns for best practice. Our expertise is in defining the uncovered. Visualise. Flow. Transcend.

Pattern Building

Where do ideas come from? What role does play have in our organisations? How can we encourage a culture of creativity and innovation?

Creativity exists within all of us. It is our task as brand guides to lead our clients on a journey through allied and opposing concepts that encourage perspective change. Refining the expression of ideas, working to encourage sharing, establish a culture of development and unite teams across the business to grow the brand.

We are currently developing several brands across the industries of defence, lifestyle and consumer goods, travel, media and fashion.

We advocate a practice of co-working, with play and self-directive activity at the center of the development process.


Collaborative, bespoke presentations to create content that is targeted and brief specific.


Re-think your brand through visual research, insight and workshops that take your team on a journey, working co-creatively to define the uncovered


Relevant expertise, brief specific, working with our global network of brand guides to visualise your best future.